What Would Happen If Superheroes Had Babies (14 Illustrations)


People say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and we have to agree. But could it possibly fall any closer than this? The father’s genes most definitely won the womb wars in this artist’s imagination when he decided to illustrate the world’s most beloved comic book characters becoming dads.

Brazil-based artist Lucas Eduardo Nascimento, also known as Dragonarte to his 110k fans on Facebook and over 80k Instagram followers, drew a series of badass, yet adorable babies of superheroes and their first meetings with their fathers in the maternity ward. With the uncanny resemblance for all to see, these superbabies are already making their dads proud and our hearts melt.

We wish these mini versions of superheroes had their own sequel to the famous comics but it seems that Marvel and DC have yet to appreciate the creative potential of this illustrator.

Whether you are a fan of cute newborns or menacing superheroes, you will definitely enjoy these ‘father and son’ moments this artist has prepared for you.

1. Batman’s Baby

Where is the Batman baby?

2. Spider-Man’s Baby

When you wanna follow in your dad’s footsteps but you’re not as talented so you find your own way to do things.

3. Deadpool’s Baby

Caution! scattered showers for today!

4. Robocop’s Baby

1. Toast the bread.
2. Supply the butter.
3. Scare the shit out of owner by popping up when they least expect it.

5. Iron Man’s Baby

C’mon kid, by the time I was your age, I’d already built a nuclear reactor in my nursery.

6. Chuck Norris’s Son

7. Flash’s Baby

If the flash goes so fast how’d he get a baby?

8. Alien’s Baby

Tfw you kinda wanna eat the nurse but she’s taking care of your baby!

9. Hawk’s Baby

That’s a little hawkward!

10. Torch’s Baby

Baby Hulk is huge!

11. Martian’s Baby

I love the MIB baby in the bottom left corner!

12. Wolverine’s Baby

Well I guess if they got their father’s healing abilities the cigar won’t kill them.

13. Aquaman’s Baby

Hey aquababy water you doing?

14. Fantastic Baby