Met Gala 2021 highlights and memes: From Frank Ocean’s lime-green baby to Kim Kardashian’s all-black ensemble


After what seemed like an eternity due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Met Gala finally returned to New York City on Monday night.

Not only is it a fashion event that is analogous to the Oscars, but it’s also an evening filled with Hollywood stars, models, and designers gathering together to showcase extravagant, over-the-top looks to celebrate and fundraise at a new exhibit from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.

And this year’s theme, titled In America: A Lexicon of Fashion, facets of American culture are highlighted.

#1 Frank Ocean and his guest of honor—a lime green baby

Frank Ocean and mechanical lime green baby

R&B artist Frank Ocean wore a black Dreamcore cap over his neon-green hair and a black Prada jacket, comparable to the nylon gabardine anorak jacket he wore to the 2019 Met Gala. He also carried a lime green baby on his hip.
Some people compared the robobaby to olive oil and “Shrek.”

#2 Kim Kardashian looking like she “can’t breathe” in an all-black ensemble

Kim Kardashian in black.

Social media personality Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing a full-on black from head to toe, literally, besides the peak of her hair styled in a ponytail. Onlookers thought she looked “breathtaking” and favoured “shadow people.”

#3 Naomi Osaka stuns in an outfit representative of her background

Naomi Osaka with an impressive look.

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka—who also happened to be a co-chair for the event—stunned in a Louis Vuitton dress accompanied by a dramatic black cape, colorful eye makeup, and beautifully styled hair red gems and flowers/
 “Americana to me means a mix of all cultures, and this look incorporates both of my heritages: Haitian and Japanese,” Osaka said on the red carpet when interviewed by KeKe Palmer.
People loved the message she conveyed through her choice of dress.

#4 James Corden deemed “unfashionable”

James Corden and his wife, Julia Carey

Actor and comedian of The Late Late Show, James Corden, wore a black suit, white shirt, and black bowtie. He was accompanied by his wife, Julia Carey who wore a sequined white gold dress.
People decided that they wanted to crack on his fashion choices since he has dressed out of the box, so to speak, in the past.

#5 Kitchen cutlery napkin couture

You can make fashion out of anything, including what looks like a fancy cloth napkin. You may use this at upscale restaurants, or even a sleeping bag for camping excursions.
People, however, were confused by the ensemble.

#6 It’s all about the sword, according to Grimes

Grimes, a Canadian musician and girlfriend of Tesla CEO

Grimes is a Canadian musician and girlfriend of Tesla CEO. She brought the future to American fashion with a metallic mask and semi-sheer white dress with accents of black and silver, accompanied by an MSCHF sword made out of an AR-15.

Many people couldn’t help but think it was very American of her to wield the weapon.
In the spirit of Harry Potter, another onlooker thought the sword was similar to a Horcrux.