The impact of a ‘personality genius’: How every person who meets BTS’s Jin falls for him


BTS’s Jin is known as a very kind, accepting, warm and friendly person. He usually acts like a social butterfly and the ice-breaker in a social group. Let’s find out what “the effect of Jin” is and why you would fall for him after meeting once too!

Jin’s personality is very interesting. Talking with Jin must be fascinating with the way members call him “creativity in the flesh!”

But more than that, Jin is genuinely a pure, kind person. Jin acts with kindness and thoughtfulness towards everyone. However, he understands that there will always be hateful people around, and you should waste time on their negative energy.

Stereotypes also ruin one’s life, according to Jin. Jin is really one of the most thoughtful people you will ever see. He does little things that can make someone happy all the time and always minds everyone’s comfort. It’s the common thing you can notice in the words of all people who speak about their experience of knowing BTS’s Jin. Anyone who meets Jin or becomes his friend shares that they are very much in love with his personality and can’t stop praising him!

Let’s go through some examples of the “Jin effect”!

Every one know Lee KyungKyu is the King of Entertainment, and he has his own Gyu-line with his 5 favorite idols. However, as for Jin, Gyu highlights him among others, calling Jin his favorite male idol and even a blood-brother. Gyu thinks that Jin has an amazing interesting personality and has great acting talent.

Jin recently shared his tennis practice videos with fans. He confessed that Jin became very dear to him and called him “Worldwide Personality.” The tennis coach always shares himself listening to Jin’s songs in the car and says he is his favorite artist.

He is frequently praised on TV by people that are close to Jin like a Personality Genius. They got close at the TV show “Law of the Jungle,” and this is where Jin once risked his life and got sick after diving and searching for food for his team for many hours. This move of Jin really touched everyone.

As it was mentioned, Jin is a very thoughtful person who always thinks about everyone’s comfort. KNK Seo-Ham shared that when he became a trainee, Jin helped him a lot in adapting to the new environment. Jin had a hard time himself but still made sure to comfort Jungkook and make him feel at home.

He always makes sure to pay attention to everyone he knows.

Isaac, who once took part in shooting RUN BTS, had the option to see the uniqueness and mindfulness of Jin in an exceptionally brief time frame.

Jin always thanks the staff members for working hard. The staff, too has only the nicest things to say about him.

There are way more examples of “the effect of Jin” because he does good things to someone every day!