Jimin Was Scared To Do A Dangerous Dance Move That Could Have Injured j-hope


Although BTS on stage always delivers excellent and eye-catching performances. But behind those wonderful dance steps is not only the hard-working practice but also the fear of causing danger to the members. There is a choreography performed by Jimin and j-hope that is so dangerous that Jimin is always worried, afraid of hurting j-hope every time they perform together:

BTS has a lot of dangerous performances that require the members to work well together. One of BTS’s hardest choreography comes from the song We Are Bulletproof Pt2. This move is so dangerous that Jimin has to admit that he is afraid of j-hope getting hurt every time the two perform together.

The We Are Bulletproof Pt2 choreography has a part that j-hope lies on the ground, Jimin jumping over him and doing somersaults in the air. Their heads were almost touching each other before Jimin landed, you can see why the main dancer born in 1995 is nervous every time he performs, even though both he and j-hope are the two best dancers in BTS.

It’s not hard to see why he was afraid of injuring j-hope because at that moment, j-hope is lying completely motionless right below Jimin as Jimin performs an acrobatic on top. Timing is important because if j-hope doesn’t lie flat on the floor before Jimin does it, the two will collide and possibly get seriously injured. Conversely, if Jimin doesn’t jump far enough, his foot could touch j-hope’s head and injure him.

Therefore, in order to perform this move, both must give each other a certain amount of trust and harmony. Not only that, the members also have to practice many times to achieve accuracy and do not take risks when performing.

Even so, BTS members rarely dance this difficult choreography these days. The latest, We Are Bulletproof Pt2 performance was shown on stage at MAMA 2019 and Jimin, j-hope still showed their great collaboration.

Jimin and j-hope also often do dance moves together but rarely do risky choreography like this.

The level of trust they have in each other, to be able to do this act is truly heartwarming. The trust that Jimin and j-hope have in each other when performing has made ARMY’s heart flutter.

Above all else, they want to deliver the most spectacular performances, even in the face of danger, and they know how to make their partner feel safe.