BTS’s V pampers his kid version in ‘Inner Child’, Lee Dam


BTS’s V is famously sociable with every kid he meets, no matter where they are.

V is extremely close to his cousins ​​and V’s experience of hanging out with young children shines through when he interacts with the kids on set.

V’s interactions with Lee Dam, the child model who played his child version when V performed the song “Inner Child” in BTS’s Map Of The Soul ON: E concert, were no exception.

At BTS‘s latest virtual concert, MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, child model Lee Dam played the role of V’s younger self. The two rode a carousel together for V’s solo song, “Inner Child”.

Recently, Lee Dam’s mother shared behind the scenes photos and details about her son’s experience working with BTS. For this tiny ARMY, meeting his “V hyung” and “uncle Jimin” was a dream come true.

V is extremely professional on set, even directing his own performance, but he is also extremely friendly and kind to Lee.

V’s love for boy Lee was rewarded when the performance was perfect.

Now, Lee Dam’s mother is sharing new photos of her son cuddling a child-sized teddy bear. It was a gift from BTS’s “Winter Bear”, V.

“Dam was so happy after receiving this gift,” she wrote in the caption. “The bear’s name is Taetae. Thank you for the gift ^^”

Lee Dam just might be the luckiest fan ever!