ARMYs Be Surprised When Finding Hollywood Actor And Jin Used to Be Friends When He Studied In Australia


Looking back at Jin’s student photos, the ARMYs were amazed and had to say that this coincidence is crazy. The story in Jin’s pre-debut photo has been a hot topic for a long time, and many ARMYs think it’s the meeting of stars since childhood:

There are so many interesting and random facts surrounding BTS members that it takes only the keen eyes and the ability to find the peak of the fans for these details to be revealed. One such secret became a hot topic on the Pann forum, and it was the story in a pre-debut photo of Jin. First look at the photo below:

In the photo, ARMY can see Jin – a student wearing glαsses and a red hood͎i͎e͎, posing for a photo with three friends. At first glance, it seems like an ordinary photo and you might be wondering why this particular photo has left netizens in awe.

Then pay close attention to the guy on the left – the guy in the shorts and the str̲i̲p̲ed shirt. Bingo! And you got it right? It’s the famous Australian actor, Mitchell Hope!

Mitchell Hope is an Australian model and actress. Mitchell Hope was born in 1994, possesses a handsome appearance and is best known for playing Prince Ben in the famous Disney series called ‘Decesdants’ (Descendants). This is a pretty hit Disney movie and has garnered millions of views on various official platforms. In addition, he also starred in the Netflix series ‘Let it Snow’

This photo captured this moment between Mitchell and Jin was found by ARMY during Jin’s short summer camp tr̲i̲p̲ in Australia. In 2007, Jin attended a summer camp in Australia with the goal of learning English. And coincidentally among the friends that Jin met was Mitchell Hope. Since it was just a short training session, they probably weren’t close but just clαssmates, but the surprise was that they both ended up becoming famous stars later on.

It is a coincidence that the strange childhood friend Jin met is now a famous Hollywood actor. Meanwhile, the friend that Mitchell stands with in the photo has become the most famous Kpop superstar today, one of the world famous artists.

Mitchell hope

ARMYs are really freaked out by this miraculous and coincidence, they have quite a lot to say on the matter:

– “This is crazy…they say handsome people only hangout with other handsome people”

– “This is crazy….so cute”

– “Is he the guy who plays the prince in Descendants? I loved that movie”

– “He can add another to his list of virtuous people”

– “This is so fascinating”

– “Kim Seok Jin’s life is a freaking movie”

And of course, with the popularity of this story, actor Mitchell Hope quickly realized that the boy he had met as a child was BTS’s Worldwide Handsome. The actor even followed BTS’s official Instagram.