15 Clever Design Ideas That Are Turn On Your Creativity


We bring together images of design, construction that will amaze you

#1. This restaurant uses concrete sewer pipes for outdoor seating.

Design by Chromed Design Studio; Photo by mrcortado

#2. Extraordinary architecture in L’Intendant Wine Shop, Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitane, France, Europe.

Photo by NGUYỄN Huu Thanh

#3. Creativity. A pencil bench, Kiev, Ukraine.

#4. The Diavik diamond mine is an open-cut diamond mine in Canada, located in the North Slave region of the Northwest Territories, about 300 km north of the Yellowknife capital. The mine consists of three holes or kimberlite wells associated with the Lago de Gras kimberlite field and is located on an island of 540 km² of Lake Gras, 1777 km², informally called East Island. It is about 220 km south of the Arctic Circle.A

#5. Floating bridge, Zaryadye Park, Moscow. Zaryadye Park is a landscape urban park located adjacent to Red Square in Moscow, Russia, on the site of the former Rossiya Hotel. Zaryadye Park is the first public park built in Moscow for over 50 years. The park was inaugurated on 9 September 2017.


#7. Stages of implementing a staircase on a metal chassis.

#7.1 Reinfocement and framing works

#7.2 Next Step

#7.3 Finishing works

#7.4 Another Pics

#7.5 Nices

#7.6 Good works

#7.7 Concrete works

#7.8 Nices

#7.9 Good works

#8. His effort should be appreciated

#9. Reinforcement work

#10. Amazing!

#11. Unique handrail for stairs

#12. Perfect place for placing aquarium

#13. Wave shaped structure

#14. Why’s the car park above and bedroom below?

#15. Staircase work

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