Hilarious Aquarium Photos That Prove Sea Creatures Are Awesome


Aquariums might seem like just a place for kids, but sea life can be entertaining for all ages. Dolphins are usually the entertainers but judging by these hilarious aquarium photos, all sorts of sea life know how to put on a show. All it takes is a perfectly-timed photo to take an aquarium visit from boring to hilarious.

Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid always said, “Darling it’s better, Down where it’s wetter” and after seeing these once-in-a-lifetime photos, we believe it.

Stingray photobombs are officially the best type of photobomb.

You Need A Witness To Get Married Right?

I now pronounce you husband, wife, and beluga, you may kiss the fish. We’re starting to think that beluga whales are just really inquisitive and want to know what is going on around them at all times.weird-aquarium-07reddit

We take that back, the bride is dressed in a giant white dress and the beluga whale is actually jealous and staring down the groom to figure out why he’s marrying a beluga whale that can survive outside the fish tank.

This Aquarium Has A Funny Way To Deal With Naughty And Nice Penguins

weird-aquarium-06ALT_uscis / Twitter

Timmy is definitely the trouble maker in his raft and waddle. We actually had to look that up, a flock of penguins in water is called a ‘raft’ and a group on land is called a ‘waddle’.

Whatever you want to call these penguins, make sure to call Timmy the naughty penguin and call Betty the good penguin. Hopefully, Timmy has learned his lesson and will rebound next month when the aquarium releases its next penguin of the month.

A Smile And A Hug

Hey Guys Im a sea creaturereddit

Stingrays always look so happy and this little guy is showing off a winning smile. Plus, he’s throwing in a hug for good measure. On the one hand, we want to hug them back, on the other hand, they’re slimy and underwater.

When visiting an aquarium you’ll likely find something to smile about if you hunt down some stingrays and just watch them do their thing for a short period of time.

Elephants At The Aquarium

Elephants at the Aquariumreddit

Admittedly, we weren’t expecting to see elephants visiting a tank at the aquarium but here we are. This baby elephant proves that regardless of species, little kids love to check out all the sea creatures, especially when those creatures decide to interact.

We still want to know why this baby elephant is just chilling at a place normally reserved for humans but for now, we’ll just let them have their moment and enjoy their unexpected field trip.

Something’s Fishy About This Valentine’s Day Present


Look at those wide eyes! We’re pretty sure our human counterparts wouldn’t appreciate this Valentine’s Day surprise but it’s perfect for a fish-loving seal. We’re willing to bet they didn’t wait long to dig into their new treat.

We’re not sure if this is the best or the worst free advertising Russell Stover could ask for. Perhaps the company will release a new lineup of fish-friendly treats in time for the next Valentine’s Day.

Beluga Hive Five!


If you’re visiting an aquarium be sure to check out their beluga whale exhibit if there’s one available. These sea creatures are both amazing to look at and full of a social zeal you’ll be hard pressed to find in other aquarium features.

If you stick out your hand you’re likely to get a hive five. Turn your back on them, and as you’ll see later, they might even have some hilarious fun at your expense.

Is That A Shoe Print?


One of the best parts of any aquarium is finding animals you didn’t know existed and then trying to figure out why they have their featured body shape. This fish might look silly but that shoe print design is essential for their survival.

Known as Remoras, or more commonly the suckerfish, their head allows them to attach onto the bodies of other ocean animals. Hilarious and functional, this is our kind of sea animal.

The World’s Saddest Frog Might Be In This Photo


While most of our aquarium-based friends are underwater, we couldn’t help but include this sad looking frog. This photo was posted on reddit and comes to us from the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland.

The user noted that they stopped to take the photo after immediately realizing that the frog looks naturally sad. We like to think of him as a good friend to Winnie The Pooh’s friend Eeyore.

Stingray Photobombs Are Full Of Joy


Some of the best stingray photobombs at the aquarium are the result of our awesome little friends photobombing unsuspecting visitors. Based on this couple’s normal demeanor they had no idea what was going on behind them.

As always, this stringray just looks naturally happy to be part of the conversation. They’ve probably pulled off this type of trick hundreds of times and they know how to get away with it.

It Fits In My Mouth!

Nom at the aquariumicanhazcheezeburger

What is this, beluga number five or six? We’re going to start hanging out every day at the aquarium just so we can become friends with these amazing sea creatures and maybe grab a few of our own memorable selfies with these silly little swimmers.

The best part of this photo might be that the little girl has no idea what is happing in the background. The beluga doesn’t even seem to be on her mind as she stares at the ground. Kids are funny.

I Saw You Coming!


Sawfish, also known as Carpenter Sharks are a family member of rays and their unique mouths show off similar characteristics as stingrays but without all of the smiles and hugs.

We probably wouldn’t want to hang out with this sawfish, just like we wouldn’t want to spend quality time with a stingray (both a bad idea) but their stern look that almost seems disapproving of visitors spying on them at the aquarium gave us a good chuckle.

This Guy Is Getting Schooled

The Fish are comingDailypicksandflicks

One of our favorite aspects of many aquariums is the immersive experience they offer to visitors. You can get up close and personal with fish, sharks, stingrays, and other creatures of the sea. This guy took part in a perfectly-timed aquarium photo.

We have to wonder if the fish are looking at him and communicating about the human exhibit or they are wondering how this guy got inside their watery world. Well played, fishies.

Hey Humans, Turn Around

Dolphin Photobombdailypicksandflicks

We’ve noticed a trend among dolphins– when you turn your back on them at the aquarium they will laugh at you. We’ve seen this in various photos which makes us think it’s not some funny coincidence.

It’s almost as if this dolphin is laughing because they know the humans in front of them have no idea their photo is being bombed. And this is why we love these adorable animals so much.

The Happiest Selfie Of All Time?


Yet again see a person matched up with a beluga whale and it’s another example of this amazing creature’s ability to interact in a really social way with people who visit their aquatic enclosure.

We don’t know if the beluga is smiling just because it’s happy or perhaps it saw it’s own reflection in the girl’s phone during the selfie shot and it thought another beluga whale was staring back at them.

Yummy Looking Baby!

baby fun at the aquarium - hilarious photoreddit

This Beluga Whale looks like it’s about to eat a toddler. Okay, maybe they just want to give them a kiss– we probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions. As we promised from the start, Beluga whales are the funniest group at almost any aquarium.

Our hearts would probably explode with joy if we could take this beluga whale and put them together with a smiling stingray for what would surely be the best photobomb session of all time.

We’re Not Sure Who’s More Excited

Hilarious Kid at AquariumFunny Vines / YouTube

Happy little girl. Happy beluga whale. All is right with the world. If this is how we all lived our lives imagine how awesome the world would be. We’re starting to think beluga whales just swim around aquariums all day with a smile on their face so they can go viral.

This is just more proof that taking your children to an aquarium is a good idea. They’ll walk away with some educational experiences and perhaps some of their most fond memories captured on camera.

Not On My Watch Human

Sea life London Aquarium photobombBBC

This photo was taken as staff at Sea Life London were attempting to clean the glass during an annual spring cleaning event. The giant stingray obviously just wanted to help out. In the least, they didn’t want to be disturbed and refused to move.

With over 6,000 different species at Sea Life London, the cleaning task is massive and this stingray is adding to the time it takes to finish the job.

Boy Fish?

Boy Fish At AquariumIcanhazcheeseburger

This is the only photo in our collection that focuses on a human at an aquarium. The perfectly timed photo reveals the secretive world of boy fish, a creature that looks like an oddly formed boy who is peering out at humans who oddly resemble him.

We have to wonder if this photo was taken on purpose or if someone noticed the funny moment when they got home that night. Either way, it’s hilarious aquarium gold.

Wet Floor… Ummm…

Wet Floor in the Aquarium TankBBC

This Sea Life London photo proves that it is actually wet inside of aquarium tanks that are full of water. This is good to know because you wouldn’t want to slip on the bottom of the tank while taking a casual stroll.

Who else feels like this stingray is holding the sign to mock whoever put the sign in their tank? On the other hand, this is a 100% true statement so we can’t be too hard on them.

Nom Nom Nom

Beluga Whale and two kidsReddit

This beluga whale swears up and down that they weren’t trying to put the little boy’s head in their mouth, they just wanted a sip of the little girls delicious looking water. Also, why is this little boy trying to tell us a secret?

Beluga whales for the win now and for always. Even if we could have a beluga as a pet, we wouldn’t because it’s cruel to keep them in a small tank. But we would definitely have to talk ourselves out of our initial decision to bring a few home with me from the aquarium.

Learning New Things About Jellyfish


Aquariums are designed both for entertainment and education. The staff employed at the aquariums think up ways to make learning about sea life fun for kids. One way to keep kids engaged while learning is to make them laugh.

This sign did exactly that– brilliantly pointing out to everyone that jellyfish are beautiful, but they also poop through their mouths, which is pretty gross. Now that you’ve read this sign you’ll probably remember this fact for later!

You Don’t Say?


It’s nice having things that the entire family can enjoy. Even if the film or experience is geared towards the kids, it’s nice to throw in a few laughs for mom and dad to enjoy. Here’s a fine example of an aquarium who threw one out there for the parents.

Kids will be excited to go check out the crabs downstairs, while the adults can crack up at the double entendre presented here, courtesy of the Aquatic Design Centre.

This Seal Has Plans

Seal with plansReddit

While visiting the local aquarium, someone snapped this photo of their little brother having an intense stare-down with a seal. Just look at the seal’s eyes! He swam right up to the glass and picked this kid out of the crowd.

The seal is giving him a look as if they’ve encountered each other in a previous life and the little boy wronged this seal. We don’t know exactly what’s on the seal’s mind, all we know is it’s not good.

Just Chillin’


Normally, you don’t see walruses sitting on their behinds as humans do, but here you have it. We wonder if this walrus always prefers to sit like this, or if a visitor just happened to be at the right place at the right time to snap the photo.

It looks like he wants to stay in the water, but not get his face wet. You know, like when girls want to go in the water, but not get their hair wet.



Sometimes you might wonder what the marine life are thinking when they look at the glass. Do they wonder how the humans got in their tank? Do they even realize the glass is there? This beluga didn’t.

He swam right up to the glass to get a closer look at the humans admiring him and didn’t realize how close the glass actually was. Now you know what it looks like when a beluga smooshes their face up against the glass.

A Romance Blossoms


Sometimes the aquarium staff allow some of the animals to explore other exhibits, and sometimes they make new friends. This walrus saw a beautiful beluga whale and sauntered on over to her pool.

We’re not sure if this is the first kiss caught on camera or if these two have been going steady for a while. Either way, we can’t wait to see where this relationship takes these two. This is more captivating than Brad and Angelina.

Make A Funny Face


How cute is this funny otter? He swam up to the glass, pressed his paws against it and stuck out his tongue. This otter has a better sense of humor than most people. He looks like he’s the life of the party and we’d love to hang out with him.

We had no idea that otters were this comical… or that they had such big teeth! Check those things out!

Help, I’m Stuck

stingray-eating-fishYouTube/Michelle Bedolla

One woman at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California witnessed this go down. A hungry stingray decided that one of the fish looks like a tasty snack and trapped him against the glass to try to eat him. Silly stingray.

While stingrays are carnivorous, they only eat small animals that live on or beneath the sand, like worms, clams, oysters, and snails. This stingray’s eyes are bigger than its stomach… or mouth, in this instance.

Do I Have Something in My Teeth?


It’s always embarrassing when you walk around with something stuck between your teeth and no one lets you know. You can go hours talking to people without a single soul letting you know, “hey, you have a little something in your teeth.”

This stingray knows how it feels. She decided to swim up to the glass to say hello to her new friends and not one of them let her know that she has lettuce in her teeth from lunch.

“Be nice to your little sister!”

funny-belugaTim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

How many times to parents have to tell their kids to be kind to their younger siblings? Only about twenty times a day. This big sister has finally learned her lesson, and it was delivered by a beluga.

Notice her little sister, happily enjoying the beluga while her big sister runs away in horror. “Susie, this is the last time I’m going to tell you to stop picking on your sister!!”

Welcome To Sea World


You want to get up close and personal with the marine life on a trip to Sea World? You can, but it might come at a price. The kids here tried to get a better view of the beluga whale and he saw his opportunity and took it.

You know after the show is over this whale is going to be bragging to all of his buddies about all the little kids he soaked.

Go On, I’m All Ears


With so many distractions in today’s modern world, it can be difficult to get anyone’s full, undivided attention any more. It’s important to have that one friend who will always listen to you when you need someone.

This otter looks like she’s just about the greatest friend anyone could ask for. You have something to say, and she will sit and listen to your problems, no judgment. “Well that’s just awful, what happened next?”

He Works Out


This is not your average starfish at the aquarium. This starfish puts in the time and effort to stay in the best shape possible. He knows that his hard work has paid off, and he wants to show off the fruits of his labor.

Here he is, shamelessly clinging to a rock by the glass so that everyone will catch a glimpse of that summer bod he’s been working on under the sea.

I Feel Like I’m Being Watched…


You ever get that feeling that you’re being watched? You may not know from which direction someone is staring at you, but you know they’re somewhere. This person had that feeling, and they were correct.

This seal is rather creepy, posted up almost like he was standing on two feet. There he is, just…. staring at you. His face isn’t very friendly and that expression is a bit threatening… we’d keep walking.

“C’mon Ref! What Kind Of Call Was That?”


This picture leads us to believe that this otter is a huge sports fan and someone just made a terrible call. He shows his immense displeasure by throwing his flippers up in the air with his tongue out.

Sure, they look adorable, but otters are full of emotions too. Sometimes they just have to let out their frustrations like the rest of us. At least they look incredibly cute doing it, which is more than we can say for most humans.

Letting Themselves Go


It happens to everyone, at one point or another. You fall in love, you spend all of your time with your significant other, and little by little, you start to let yourself go.

Instead of nights spent pumping iron at the gym, you’re sitting side by side on the couch, stuffing your face with snacks. But she doesn’t care, because she loves you just the way you are. And let’s be honest, she doesn’t have the same figure she did when you met, either.

Excuse Me!


There’s nothing worse than having a private moment to yourself in the bathroom only to have the door fly open and someone walk in. We’re guessing that’s exactly what happened to this walrus because it’s the same face we make in that scenario.

Here this guy was, just minding his own business, trying to have some private downtime in the bath, when someone rudely intrudes and interrupts their bath time. Excuse you, you can leave now. Shut the door behind you.

Walrus Brought To Tears By Fish Cake


On his birthday, the caretaker decided to do something special for his walrus friend at the aquarium. He presented him with a cake made out of his favorite food: fish. The walrus wasn’t expecting such a nice gesture, even though it was his birthday, and he just couldn’t believe the man would do something so thoughtful for him.

Covering his face was all he could do from letting the emotions pour out. You love me, you really love me.

Wasn’t Planning On It


People who work with animals tend to have a good sense of humor, don’t they? This sign is probably unnecessary, although we can’t see exactly what its posted in front of at the aquarium.

However, someone thought it would be funny to create a sign alerting people not to drink the water in the fish tank or other structure here at the aquarium. Knowing kids, now that they’re told not to do it, they probably will.

The Dentist Will See You Now


We’re not sure what happened in the moments leading up to when this photo was taken but we’re certain this is not what the person thought would happen. Maybe they leaned in to get a kiss from the beluga, or maybe the whale mistook their head for lunch.

While they’ll probably be fine, this is an experience that this person will never forget. We wonder what it looks like when you stick your entire head down a beluga’s throat.